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Faris brohi · Date: January 3rd, 2023, 2:45 pm ET

Grow and Share - Diversify Your Supply

Grow and Share: A Cannabis Community Platform

A longtime cannabis enthusiast with over a decade of experience, Michael Bryden created the cannabis web platform. He realized that something was missing in the cannabis industry: strain sharing.

Finding like-minded individuals on social media platforms took time, often resulting in losing access to accounts. Grow and Share helps legal-age enthusiasts find strains for free.

Whether members are growers or have purchased cannabis, they can share strains without spending additional money.

How It Started:

Starting with an extensive amount of A/B testing, he realized he wasn’t the only one who felt this way, so he took it upon himself to self-fund the project and put his team from StackInnovations (his web-development platform) to work. 

As a result of extensive research, planning, and countless hours, Michael has created the world’s first cannabis-sharing platform. However, he didn’t want to end there, so he added the option of allowing cannabis retailers to advertise their stores, products, and promotions without charging. Offering free advertising would not only enhance the cannabis industry but also assist consumers in finding the best deals, whether they wanted flower, seeds, products, or simply a place to smoke. 

What’s In The Works:

Now that his passion project had been launched and was increasing in members, he wanted to enhance consumer and retailer access to the platform by creating an iOS and Android app. 

Investing more time, creativity, and hard-earned money is helping him create an intuitive and engaging version of Grow and Share. A redesign will accompany new features (including seed and clone sharing), and a new user interface will make it easier for consumers to find what they want.

How Grow and Share Benefits The Average Cannabis Enthusiast

Typically, cannabis enthusiasts like Michael purchase smaller quantities so they don’t end up with a large amount of a single strain, though bulk purchases can yield vast savings. 

Providing members with a free platform to acquire different strains, Michael knew that they could save money by purchasing larger quantities and sharing them with other members. Thus, they can still obtain various strains without spending more on smaller quantities to avoid being stuck with a specific strain. 

In addition, growers had to purchase more buds or find cannabis enthusiasts to share cannabis on social media since they only grow a few strains. In addition to being challenging, they had to place their trust in someone they did not know, wondering if their search would yield a strain of quality and quantity. To increase members’ confidence, he implemented a community rating system.

What Are Cannabis Enthusiasts Spending Yearly?

Daily cannabis smokers consume 5-10 grams of cannabis per week. Here’s what they spend on cannabis per year: 7.5 grams per week on average.

  • Half Quarters: $38.00 Average Cost 
  • Quarters: $60.00 Average Cost
  • 7.5 grams weekly x 52 weeks = 390 grams/yearly 
  • 390 grams yearly / 3.5 (half-quarter) = 111.5 half quarters 
  • 111.5 half quarters x $38.00 = $4237.00 yearly 
  • 390 grams yearly / 7 grams (quarter) = 55.5 quarters 
  • 55.5 x $60.00 = $3,330.00 Yearly 

Average Savings By Using Grow and Share

Savings Using Grow and Share

Below is what the average daily smoker would spend and save by using Grow and Share if they purchased ounces instead of smaller quantities: 

  • Ounce: $130.00 Average Cost
  • 390 grams yearly / 28 grams (ounce) = 14 ounces 
  • 14 x $130.00 = $1,820.00 Yearly 

The average daily smoker can expect to save between $1510.00 – $2,417.00 yearly by using Grow and Share while still acquiring the strains they want. 


It makes sense to join Grow and Share, the newest and only free way to acquire the strains you want while saving money. Become a member and start saving today.


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