A Guide To The Most Outstanding Seed Banks

Canadian legalization of marijuana occurred on October 17, 2018, making it the second country in the world to do so. For many, this legalization has provided an opportunity to cultivate a passion for gardening. It is legal to consume marijuana and marijuana products recreationally in most places. However, marijuana can also be grown from licensed seeds and seedlings for personal use, with a maximum of four plants per household.

Finding the best seed bank is the first step to growing cannabis. We researched to see some of the best seed banks out there, as there are a variety of seed banks that vary in quality. That can prove challenging.

Here are the top 5 seed banks that ship to Canada

  1. Crop King Seeds – G&S Choice
  2. Rocket Seeds – Best Value
  3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best CBD Selection
  4. Sonoma Seeds – Fastest Shipping
  5. I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank – Most Reliable

Below we will discuss how to avoid scams and ensure that the cannabis seeds you purchase are genuine and of high quality.

Here are the top seed banks you need to know:

Crop King Seeds – G&S Choice

Crop King Seeds

Our Top Pick: Crop King Seeds

Based out of BC, Crop King Seeds has been distributing top-quality seeds for over 15 years, and that is why they are at the top of our list of Best Seed Banks. CKS has always strived to improve the genetics of marijuana plants to help growers maximize harvest size and THC levels.

As a top seed seller, Crop King Seeds searches globally for the best breeders and strains available, making it suitable for advanced growers and beginners alike. Due to this legwork, they can offer a strain selection that includes classics and new-age hybrids and a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Check out our top pick from Crop King by clicking here

Their product line includes more than 30 unique strains they’ve cultivated over the years. Crop King Seeds offers over 40 strains but continuously develops new strains and expands its product selection. With over 30 in-house strains available exclusively at Crop King Seeds, including medicinal varieties, strains with high CBD levels, and feminized, autoflowering, and regular seeds, you can find some higher-end, exclusive varieties nowhere else.

A high-end hybrid of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Cookies is a delicious taste that you may not have tasted before. In addition, you can try CB Diesel, a high CBD version of Sour Diesel, if you’re looking for a remarkable medical marijuana strain.

What else makes Crop King stand out? 

You can also get a free replacement if you don’t like the seeds you received. CKS guarantees a germination rate of at least 80%, and they stand by their seeds. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis seeds can all be found on Crop King Seeds, and you can make an order online in a matter of seconds. Search using the types of strains, seeds, and THC levels, then follow the instructions.

CKS takes privacy seriously, so even Canadian orders ship in unmarked envelopes. They even conceal seeds in DVD cases, pens, and other hidden places by Crop King Seeds when shipping to other countries to ensure they arrive as discreetly as possible. 


  • All strains are guaranteed to germinate
  • Handpicked, tested, and inspected seeds
  • Shipments over $200 are free
  • Shipping that is safe and secure
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Smaller orders do not qualify for free shipping
  • Strain selection is limited

A special perk: Orders over $420 get ten free cannabis seeds.

The Most Reliable Marijuana Growing Company: ILGM


One guy started I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) in 2012 as a passion project to learn more about cannabis growing, breeding, and seeding. Still, it has grown into one of the most trusted sources of cannabis growing, breeding, and seeding online. After developing and experimenting with his strain development, ILGM was founded in 2012 by expert cannabis grower Robert Bergman in the Netherlands. It became one of the world’s most famous seed banks shortly after that.

ILGM has become a cannabis knowledge center for sharing information through expert knowledge and beginner-friendly seed banks.

As opposed to other giant seed banks, ILGM offers a relatively limited selection of seeds, instead focusing on quality over quantity. For this reason, you may need to supplement your buying elsewhere if you’re looking for hundreds of strains you’ve never heard of before. However, several popular strains are available from ILGM, including many of the most widely known and loved genetics.

From some exciting new hybrids to the standards you’re familiar with, ILGM offers feminized, autoflowering, and fast flowering strains, as well as regular cannabis seeds. Aside from the above, it is also home to Cheese, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Durban Poison, Northern Lights, Purple Haze, White Widow, and White Dream, as well as Gorilla Glue and Gelato.

ILGM is loved by G&S 

ILGM guarantees that your seeds will germinate if you follow their guide. If not, they will refund your money.

In addition, ILGM has an excellent knowledge base with a vast database of strains, guides, and expert advice to help you to decide which seeds are best for your growing environment.

The customer service at ILGM is excellent, going far beyond the seed guarantee. ILGM puts a lot of effort and time into resolving customer issues online and offline, as you can see from their Trustpilot reviews. They will even replace what Customs confiscates for free. 

ILGM bonus tips:

You can learn about the different growing techniques and cannabis strains on the ILGM YouTube channel, which is free and geared towards beginners and experienced growers alike.

In addition to Canada, ILGM ships to the States, New Zealand, Australia, and the European Union. ILGM offers a germination guarantee on all seeds, so if you follow their germination guide, they’ll replace any seeds that don’t germinate. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free.


  • All strains are guaranteed to germinate
  • Shipping is free
  • Deliveries can is discreet
  • Service that is second to none


  • There is a smaller selection
  • Unbranded seeds for sale

The best CBD strains: Quebec Cannabis Seeds  

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

It was Quebec Cannabis Seeds’ goal over 15 years ago to offer quality cannabis and various choices that have consistently made it one of the best seed banks.

Why G&S loves Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the top providers of cannabis seeds, offering a wide variety of seeds for all budgets, such as auto-flowering seeds, high CBD seeds, feminized varieties, and traditional varieties. A seed bank of this quality should carry everything you would expect. Aside from breeding cannabis and improving genetics for health and wellness, Quebec is also one of the few seed banks dedicated to doing so.

QCS seeds have high CBD and THC levels, consistent germination rates, and an 80% germination rate guarantee, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

In addition, you will appreciate the special promotions and offers that are often available at this store. Every time you visit, you can typically find a few popular varieties of seeds marked down, or you can select a mixed pack of high-quality feminized seeds.

Whether you are looking for something that proliferates, produces good results, or contains good cannabinoids, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has what you are searching for. 

In need of a top seller? Quebec Cannabis Black Gold feminized seeds are one of their in-house favorites, or you may want to try AK-47 feminized seeds, Gorilla Glue, or another top seller.

From Quebec Cannabis Seeds, you can order cannabis seeds quickly and easily online. You can search for strains, seeds, and cannabinoid levels based on seed type, auto-flowering type, and feminized type, among others.

The stealth shipping program is available for Canadian orders, which usually arrive within five to seven days. Visa and Mastercard are acceptable for payment.


  • Cannabis breeder specializing in medical strains
  • North American-adapted strains
  • 80 percent germination guaranteed
  • Seeds ship safely and securely
  • Fast-version strains 


  • Flat $10 shipping fee, no free shipping
  • Good customer service, but not 24/7

Huge selection of seeds:Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds

Unlike most other seed banks, Rocket Seeds offers seeds from many different brands, including Crop King Seeds. These seeds guarantee fair prices with quality products. Rocket Seeds promises to provide a wide range with a wide range of different seeds.

G&S loves Rocket Seeds for many reasons.

Rocket Seeds offers hundreds of varieties of cannabis seeds online on its website, so you can choose from a variety of brands that you trust.

They also carry many well-known strains, like Acapulco Gold and White Widow, and limited edition strains and hybrids that aren’t available anywhere else.

There are a variety of strains offered by Rocket Seeds, ranging from beginner-friendly strains to strains that are harder to cultivate. Aside from information for medical marijuana growers, the site provides information on high THC seeds and high CBD strains.

When you follow Rocket Seeds’ instructions, you can believe that your seeds will germinate.

In addition to being user-friendly, Rocket Seeds’ website is straightforward to navigate. They present their extensive selection in an organized manner, making it easier to navigate the incredible selection. Search by strain, growth characteristic, or other factors to find what you need.

Default shipping options for Rocket Seeds are unmarked, stealthy, and to countries other than Canada.

Rocket Seeds ships seeds in Canada within 5-7 business days and accepts credit cards, bitcoins, and PayPal for payment. 


  • Brands and strains vary widely
  • Shipment worldwide
  • Customer service is excellent


  • Smaller orders are not eligible for free shipping
  • Go-betweens can raise prices – but only sometimes!

Orders Ship Fast: Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds

We must include Sonoma Seeds, one of the finest Canadian seed banks on the West Coast.

What does G&S love about Sonoma Seeds?

There are many seeds to choose from on the Sonoma Seeds website, which can be overwhelming. The website has an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. In shopping for options, a grower should determine what will work for them rather than just picking what will work.

The company accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, cash, money transfers, Interac e-transfers, and other cryptocurrencies. The company ships unmarked packages to its customers.

In addition to emphasizing organic growing, Sonoma Seeds offers relevant tips which help growers go organic.

They offer a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid seeds, even though their selection is limited. In addition to high THC and high CBD seeds, several beginner-friendly and hard-to-cultivate rare strains exist. 

Shipping is free for orders over USD 200, and the company promises safe and secure shipping. Sonoma Seeds accepts money transfers, credit cards, bitcoins, Interac, and cash for payments. In Canada, it takes 3 to 5 days; in the US, it takes 7 to 14 days. Express tracking information costs $20.


  • Germination guarantee of 80%
  • Orders over $200 US qualify for free shipping
  • There are several payment options available


  • Tracking fee costs extra
  • In case of non-germination, seeds won’t be resent
  • Selection is limited

Marijuana Seed Quality: What Makes a Good One?

To get a reliable, stable seed, you need good genetics. When a breeder follows only some steps, random crosses are made, and whatever comes out of it is sold.

To stabilize the most desirable traits of a cannabis cultivar, reputable breeders will spend a significant amount of time crossing and backcrossing plants.

For optimal seed quality, cannabis seeds should be stored frozen or in a cool, dark place for up to 16 months before being harvested. Doing this helps to avoid mold. 

Marijuana Seed Quality Check

There is no sense in planting cannabis seeds you know won’t work. It is much easier to tell the difference between low-quality marijuana seeds and high-quality cannabis seeds if you learn to distinguish the two.

You should always check the quality of your cannabis seeds. Some defects can easily be detected, while others require expertise.

As marijuana seeds are still immature, their outer shells are darker and grayish. Genetically superior, healthier, mature marijuana seeds have darker, grayish shells.

If you gently squeeze seeds between your thumb and finger, they shouldn’t crack, bend, or fold under pressure. 

Finally, select high-quality, stable, proven genetic cannabis seeds that are fresh, and mature.

Here is a checklist to use when inspecting cannabis seeds:

  • Avoid immature seeds that are lighter in color, such as light green, yellow, or white, and opt for brown or black seeds.
  • The best quality seeds have a teardrop or round shape.
  • Make sure the outer shell is smooth and non-cracked.
  • The best age for storage is 16 months under cool, dark conditions to avoid mold or rot.
  • Put your seeds in distilled water for a couple of hours and see if they sink. They are more likely to germinate when they have enough bulk to sink.

What Should You Look For When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online?

Gender-specific cannabis seeds

There are two types of cannabis seeds: male and female. It is the female cannabis plants that produce those tasty buds packed with THC and CBD. On the other hand, male plants have seedy buds that are often weaker in potency. While seeds are necessary to ensure growth, more female plants are required to produce high yields. Male plants, however, do have many benefits that many growers overlook. Make sure to read our article on the benefits of male cannabis plants before getting rid of them.

Although some male seeds can remain behind in feminized seeds, they should contain only female cannabis seeds. Most seeds are female, so this is best if you don’t want germs to reproduce.

The genetics of cannabis seeds

The genetic classification of cannabis seeds can be divided into Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. Auto-flowering seeds also differ genetically.

Cannabis plants growing from Indica seeds tend to have thick stems, fat leaves, and shorter heights, which makes them suitable for temperate climates. After a long day at work or before bed, Indica strains can help you relax due to their high levels of CBD and CBN.

Due to their terpenes and high levels of THC and THCV, Sativa cannabis strains are a good option for people who need an energy boost. Sativa seeds grow tall and big and originate in subtropical and tropical climates. Many available Sativa strains also contain high levels of limonene, a terpene that may cause an uplifting and energizing feeling. Sativa has a reputation for reducing anxiety and energizing effects.

Cannabis hybrid seeds combine Sativa genetics with Indica genetics to produce strains with the best of both worlds.

As a result of Ruderalis’ genetics, autoflowering seeds produce marijuana plants that are not photoperiod growers.

What is the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds have male and female parents, meaning they can turn out male or female. When a cannabis plant begins flowering, it is the best time to predict its future sex since there is no easy way to tell whether it will produce a male or female cannabis plant just by inspecting it.

Generally, marijuana seeds grow more females than males at a ratio of 66 percent.

Breeding to eliminate male chromosomes, feminized cannabis seeds ensure that each seed germinates into a female. A feminizing method can be carried out with either colloidal silver solution, growth hormone, or rodelization, which involves fertilization with mature female plants.

Unlike male seeds, feminized seeds have a calyx structure resembling a teardrop. In addition to saving space and time, feminized seeds eliminate the issue of pollination and simplify the process. 

More experienced growers avoid feminized seeds because they contain only one set of genes and can be less beneficial for breeding.

Identify males and females visually as early as possible in flowering if you are growing both. To prevent cross-pollination keep breeding males sealed off within or near the growing area to prevent cross-pollination. The whole crop will be seedy once the males produce pollen.

The best seeds for beginners are auto-flowering seeds.

It’s no accident that growing all year long is possible for growers looking for speed and simplicity. Autoflowering seeds ensure excellent results with no light cycle management, so you can grow all year round, even if you are new to growing.

Autumn is when the sky’s light drops to about twelve hours a day. Cannabis flowers during this time which is why growers mimic outdoor light cycles when growing indoors.

Originally, Cannabis ruderalis was found in northern climates that receive relatively little sunlight. As a result, it flowers automatically after reaching a certain age and is therefore auto-flowering. To develop auto-flowering cannabis seeds, marijuana breeders crossed some ruderalis varieties with other strains.

In autoflowering strains, flowers appear almost as soon as the plants reach maturity. They are smaller and easier to grow, particularly in the summer. They also maximize available light naturally so that they will bloom even after continuous exposure to sunlight for an extended period.

You can harvest multiple autoflowering plants in the same amount of time as one typical cannabis harvest. 

A downside of autoflowering seeds is that they often produce smaller and less potent yields. Medical growers can find this to be a deal-breaker. In addition, potency and yield matter even if you are just a hobby grower since you need to maximize space.

Conclusion: How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

A quality cannabis seed is one of the best things you can do for yourself, whether you’re hoping to grow from the best fine cannabis seeds or trying to improve the genetics of what you already produce. You can increase your impressive crop exactly how you want it to be, and it will pay off significantly.

These are all high-quality, legitimate seed banks that ship to Canada, so you won’t have to worry about disappointing or fraudulent seed banks.

This list of the best Canadian seed banks will guide you in the right direction so you can distinguish excellent service and quality products from bad businesses and outright scams.