Stop Coughing From Cannabis Now

It has long been known that smoking cannabis causes coughing. Healthline explains why this is so. Sensory nerves line the throat and lungs. Smoke, for example, can irritate these nerves and cause discomfort.

Nerves send signals throughout the respiratory tract when you inhale an irritant, causing your body to cough out the irritating substance. 

Smoking cannabis causes this reaction. Your airways become irritated by the smoke, causing your nerves to tell you to cough. Inhaling any form of smoke will cause this reaction.

 If you cough moderately, you shouldn’t feel alarmed. Nevertheless, persistent coughing may signify you need to cut back on smoking. You can use a bong with ice cubes if you get a cannabis cough frequently, which will provide an extra layer of filtration while also cooling the smoke, or you can smoke through a chiller. 

Do you need to hold the smoke in your lungs?

Holding cannabis smoke in your lungs for longer will not provide a more potent high. It takes only a few seconds for THC to be absorbed by the lungs after inhalation. The high you experience from holding the smoke in longer comes from a lack of oxygen to the brain. 

How to lessen and even prevent coughing?

Using a cannabis chiller (for spliffs) or an ice catcher bong will significantly help prevent coughing. You can also avoid coughing when smoking by following the tips below.

  1. Use cannabis products that are naturally derived: Beware of cannabis products that contain added ingredients that can irritate your throat. The main culprits are solvents left behind in the cannabis and terpenes added to enhance their smell and effects. When choosing products, opt for organically grown cannabis.
  2. Add a percolator or diffuser to your bong: A percolator adds another water chamber to the bong tube. You shouldn’t be discouraged by the variety of percolators; each offers the same functionality and benefits. You can increase the smoke-to-water ratio by adding an extra water chamber. Put differently, the smoke has a more refreshing effect when you inhale it, which reduces your chances of coughing.
  3. Invest in higher-quality strains and grind them: Poorly cured or dried cannabis, or low-grade cannabis, produces a harsher smoke that almost always causes coughing fits.                                                                                               

  After you have acquired higher-quality cannabis, grinding it is an essential step. You can grind cannabis evenly to burn smoothly in spliffs or bowls with a grinder. Without following this step, you may have to light your cannabis for longer to get the proper burn. Using a lighter can mean you are inhaling a lot of lighter fluid.  

  1.  Using hemp rope to light your strain: If you use hemp rope to light a pipe, bong, or spliff, then you will not be inhaling butane. Lighting cannabis buds with butane adds harmful gases to your lungs. Furthermore, butane burns at a temperature of 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which can destroy much of the cannabinoids. 

      5.   Drink fluids: You can wash residual particles from your throat with water or herbal tea so that they reach your stomach. Lozenges can also be used to accomplish this. 


It may not pose a significant problem if you cough lightly while smoking cannabis. If you want to stop coughing altogether, or considerably minimize it, consider using some of the methods described above.

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