Affordable and Blissful Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers you Must Try

Despite the advent of high-tech smoking and pre-rolled goods, rolling your joints still adds an element of specialness to your smoking experience. Despite its outdated status, grinding dry nugs, rolling, and lighting them is a ritual that resonates with stoners. It’s seamless and inexpensive. 

Rolling papers should burn slowly and evenly to achieve smooth, lasting smoke with the smallest amount of ash. Hemp, flax, rice, and wood pulp are all excellent materials for rolling. Each has its advantages, including slower burns, thinner rolls, and easier rolling.

Here are some of the best rolling papers we’ve found:

Choast Rolls: Unbleached, Unrefined, and Authentic

As part of the stoner lifestyle Choast Rolls, founded in March 2017, stands for quality, premium service, and authenticity. Choast Rolls aims to become a global leader in the cannabis industry.

Z’S LIFE: Rolling papers made of flax

With flax—a natural plant fiber—you will always have a silky smooth joint, which will impart no unpleasant odors. Like most flax rolls, Z’s Life’s rolls yield very little smoke, and their elegant packaging completes the picture. They’re not just thin, they’re easy to roll, and they’re easy to roll, too.

VIBES: Budget-friendly rolling papers

By a stoner for the stoner, in a nutshell, Vibes is a brand of papers launched by rap star Berner. Its papers come in rice and hemp and are ultra-thin, letting your tobacco or cannabis shine while releasing very little smoke.

OCB: Best All-Around Rolling Papers

A “B” for the Bolloré family, whose passion made this happen. “O” for the Odet River. “C” for the Cascadec mill.

The Bollore family has been making paper for over a century, starting with cotton and muslin and later OCB rolling papers as the popularity of rolling cannabis increased.

Organic hemp rolling papers were introduced in 2009, crafted from pure, French-grown hemp, which ensured a slow, even burn. 


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