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Pros and Cons of Hydroponics vs. Soil for Cannabis

When it comes to growing cannabis, you have two options; soil for indoor or outdoor growing or a hydroponic setup which can also be used for indoor or outdoor growing. Soil is one of the most traditional ways to grow cannabis but enthusiasts of indoor growing using a variety of hydroponic systems, are growing in numbers across Canada.

While it can be difficult to replicate the great material, natural elements and nutrients that you find in soil, with a little experience and the purchase of high-quality nutrients, you can get some fantastic results from a hydroponic setup.

Growing with Soil

The biggest factor differentiating both grow mediums is quality versus yield. Outdoor grows typically yield higher than indoor hydroponic grows because they have sufficient overhead space, so the plants have room to spread out and grow. You’ll typically get 400g of bud per plant with outdoor soil-grown plants in optimal conditions. There are also certain strains that deliver higher yields outdoors.

Growing Hydroponically

With a hydroponic setup, you’ll typically get a smaller yield because your plants simply don’t have as much room to grow and you may not get as much root development as you do in an outdoor soil grow. However, what you may lose in quantity, you often make up with quality. With a hydroponic setup, you can give your plants the exact amount of light, air, nutrients and humidity that they require at each growth stage where you may not be able to regulate these important aspects with an outdoor grow. Weather conditions including low temperatures, lack of sunlight and wind can negatively impact your plants and outdoor growing in Canada is limited to a much shorter growing season than an indoor hydroponic system which is year round.

The cost of growing Cannabis outdoors is minimal and while it may cost a small investment to set up an indoor system, you’ll recoup the cost of the setup after several grows. Ultimately, the type of medium you choose to grow your cannabis plants will depend on many factors; space, outdoor environment and possible financial restraints of an indoor setup.


Ultimately, quality or quantity depends on how you grow your cannabis and which strain you select. Operating a hydroponic system takes a small amount of money up-front and some ongoing lighting costs. Still, controlling the light, nutrients and humidity at each growth stage ensures that the plant yields quality buds.

Chooseing strains that thrive in outdoor environments may be best if cost is an issue. Growing cannabis indoors or outdoors requires good-quality seeds and care every step of the way. As you gain experience, you will be able to increase your yields.

Platforms to Check Out

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Also, we recommend you join Grow and Share, where you can try new strains without spending a dime. It is free, fun, and allows you to interact with people like you while trying strains purchased and grown at no cost.

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