Essential Guide to Saving Money on Cannabis

There is no denying that cannabis is enjoyable. Still, it often seems that the more you get involved with any hobby, including smoking or using cannabis, the more expensive it can get.  Luckily, we’ve put together a great guide for diehard cannabis enthusiasts to save money!

Buy in Bulk

Bulk Cannabis

Not only is buying in bulk a great way to save money but it also saves multiple trips back to the dispensary.  Buy your favourite cannabis strains when they go on special and buy an even larger amount than usual to save more! Make sure that you store your cannabis in an airtight mason jar to ensure that it stays fresh.

Grown your own

Grow your Own

Besides purchasing cannabis from your local dispensary, you might want to try growing it yourself. Growing outdoors in soil is almost free, and a hydroponic setup will soon pay for itself.

Check out Grow and Share

If you’ve recently started growing your own cannabis or are purchasing larger quantities from your local cannabis store, you may have already stumbled onto one of the only drawbacks. You end up with a lot of the same strain, which no one likes. The Grow and Share platform allows you to legally share up to 30 grams of your cannabis daily with other cannabis enthusiasts so that you can try a variety of different strains. This is the best option for cannabis enthusiasts to save money.

Invest in a Vaporizer

Cannabis Vaporizer

Vaporizers do not require as much cannabis as pipes and joints to produce the desired effect. You may not realize this but THC can be released from cannabis at a much lower temperature point than you think. THC can be released at approximately 325 degrees Fahrenheit in a vaporizer which will give you a nice high and avoid the coughing and fewer other side effects like red eye and cotton mouth. At temperatures from 350 to 400, you’ll get more noticeably stronger psychoactive effects. Above 400 degrees, you will get the highest activation of THC. Note that vaporizers differ so will not all deliver the same effects within a temperature range. 

Pay Attention to THC

Pay Attention to THC

it’s easy to look for cheap cannabis at the local dispensary. However, this strategy often means that you’re buying strains with low THC levels which ultimately means you’ll need to use more to experience the same effect. Purchasing smaller amounts of high THC cannabis strains could actually save you money in the long run. You may be paying more initially but you need less to enjoy the same effect.


We’ve mentioned some ideas that should save you money when purchasing cannabis. Remember, If you would like to enjoy many strains, Grow and Share offers the members of its community the opportunity to share with each other through an interactive share platform.  Grow and Share is connecting the cannabis community, one share at a time. If you have any questions, please reach out and contact us directly.