What is the best Scrog Technique

As soon as your cannabis plant interacts with the screen, you can guide it through the openings to create a horizontal canopy. Scrogging uses a screen placed approximately 20 cm or 8 inches above it. As soon as the tip grows above the screen, you can tuck it under the screen and into the next open square. By doing this, you can determine which direction your branch will grow.

To get the optimum amount of light and space for each branch, don’t put more than one shoot in each square. It is crucial to start the process slowly but throughout your plant’s vegetative growth phase. Hence, you have a filled screen before flowering.

Pruning lower branches and dead leaves will allow your plant to concentrate on the branches above the canopy and avoid wasting energy on the lower limbs. This will help your plant to produce high-quality buds.

Scrogging may stress a cannabis plant, so give it direct light and water within 24 to help it weather the stress of the procedure.

The benefits of Scrogging:

More light exposure:  Because your plants are fanning out in a horizontal manner rather than growing upwards, they are exposed to more light which in turn produces more buds and more yield.

Aeration: you will get more air flow through your plant which helps prevent mold and reduce the presence of pests.

Maximize your space: Scrogging your plant or plants can often produce a much higher yield than plants that have not been trained. When you are confined to a small space, maximizing your output is paramount!

Strains that are more suited to Scrogging:

The scrogging process works well when you grow tall and lanky sativas because the branches are easily weaved through the screen. Some strains mentioned are Green Gelato, Purple OG Kush and Bruce Banner.


Even a novice grower can master scrogging quite easily, although it may appear complex. The result of scrogging allows plants to receive optimal amounts of light and space and produces a high yield of potent buds in an efficient use of space. Look at this cannabis forum for more information on how to scrog or if you have any other questions.