Stoned Sex: Why It Feels So Amazing

Over 68% of people have experienced increased sexual desire when on Cannabis, so you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt the urge to light up before sex. Forget oysters, wine, and chocolate; this leafy green aphrodisiac has been used since ancient times to enhance sexual activity benefits. 

A neurotransmitter called “pleasure hormone” in the brain influences sex drive and pleasure centers. These neurotransmitters are received by dopaminergic neurons and create the feeling of “horniness.” THC activates dopamine receptors by working with these same neurons. You may feel heightened sexual desire due to these neurotransmitters — the science doesn’t lie. 

Benefits for mental health

As Cannabis changes your thoughts, your sexual feelings will be affected while you are high. Being mentally invested in pursuing your desires is essential to feeling ‘turned on.’ The ability to be creative while in bed is the essential factor that Cannabis enhances. 

People tend to overlook the importance of creativity in sex, but switching things up in the bedroom is one of the main ways they keep their partners interested. 

A newfound sense of freedom allows people to enjoy sexual interactions more and scrutinize themselves less due to cannabis’ ability to reduce anxiety and inhibitions. 

Physical Benefits

Physical Touch

You can’t enjoy sex without feeling ‘revved up’ for it. That’s why cannabis and female libido go hand in hand. In a 2019 study, Cannabis enhanced women’s physical sensations and increased the pleasure and intensity of orgasms for both men and women.

Since sex is a peak experience in physical sensations, Cannabis can significantly enhance your ability to feel your partner’s touch, sense of awareness, taste, and smell. Cannabis increases blood flow as a vasodilator (medication that opens or dilates blood vessels). Physically, this affects the sensation of orgasm, as the body is thrown into a state of bliss the entire time.

Consumption methods

Inhale it: 

A deep breath in and a deep exhale. Smoking or vaping Cannabis can deliver Cannabis to the body quickly. Smoking can also be a fun pre-foreplay activity; if you want to get fancy, you can smoke together. It is a good idea to blow your inhales from your mouth to your partner’s – after all, good foreplay begins before you even enter the bedroom.

Swallow it:

Edibles, an excellent smoking alternative, provide a longer-lasting high. You can find edibles in many forms, including chocolates, mints, cookies, gummies, drinks, cooking oils, and butter, which you can use to make your recipes – even eating some sweet cannabis goodness can be sexy. If you want the effects to kick in sooner, take your edibles for dinner and enjoy your partner for dessert.

Soak it in: 

It is easy to loosen up and relax the muscles with a topical or suppository application of Cannabis. Though it won’t give you the same high as other forms of ingesting, it is still an effective way to relax. Additionally, topicals help loosen up your muscles when engaged in sexual activity. As a result, it provides a fantastic opportunity to massage your partner’s skin with some oils or lotions.

The importance of consent and sobriety

Whether or not you are under the influence of Cannabis, it’s essential to ensure your partner is on board. A person cannot consent to sexual activity if impaired in judgment or otherwise intoxicated by Cannabis, just like alcohol. 

It’s important to discuss consent before consuming any cannabis. It is also important to remember that it is okay if feelings change during or before sexual activity. Cannabis works differently for everyone, so be aware of your dosage and always respect your partner.

When you’re high, you’ll be able to experience incredible new things in the bedroom (or any room). In popular culture, sex and Cannabis have come a long way from taboo subjects. Do not let fear stop you from trying Cannabis to induce a “higher” sexual desire. Always practice consent and respect, and enjoy new sexual experiences.