The All Time Best Cannabis Strains 

Cannabis strains you must try

Every other week, new strains of marijuana seem to pop up in the world of marijuana, and the trends are constantly changing. As new strains emerge, they can generate a great deal of buzz, but it is essential to remember that some of the most potent strains are often the purest!

Cannabis enthusiasts of all levels, from the most novice to the most seasoned, are familiar with the following strains. These strains impacted the cannabis community in one way or another due to their unique properties or successful genetics.

Listed below are a few strains of cannabis we highly recommend if you haven’t already tried them:

Acapulco Gold

This rare but well-known Sativa cannabis strain is famous for its high THC levels. Due to its delicious taste and clean high, Acapulco Gold is regarded as one of the most significant strains in history. In addition to the energizing and motivating effects, it leaves the user with a head and body high.

The orange hairs of this strain resemble a gold nugget, and its buds have plenty of green, brown, and gold colors, along with lots of resin. Breaking up the buds releases a burnt toffee aroma. Because many cannabis connoisseurs have said that this strain is one of the best cannabis strains ever created, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find Acapulco Gold. Become a member of Grow and Share and connect with other cannabis enthusiasts to find the strain that suits you best.  

Northern Lights

 One of the best strains for pain management and insomnia, Northern Lights has been repeatedly proven to be effective. Northern Lights ensures you don’t toss and turn in bed when you should be sleeping! Upon first use, the strain is hugely psychoactive, but it settles into the body to relieve pain, depression, insomnia, and anxiety after some time.

Blue Dream

This Hybrid cannabis strain Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry and Haze. It has high Sativa content. Combined with effects like cerebral stimulation and complete body relaxation, this combination produces an overall balanced high. Both novices and veterans enjoy the high levels of THC found in Blue Dream and low CBD content. This strain has a berry-like aroma and taste.

This strain is said to treat nausea, chronic pain, and depression. Since its inception in California, Blue Dream has become one of the most admired strains worldwide and a legend among West Coast strains.

White Widow

Green House Seeds first bred the White Widow strain, a hybrid strain among the most classic strains of cannabis globally. White, dense crystal resin adorns this strain’s buds, indicating the potent effects you’ll experience.

Additionally, you will feel euphoric and energized almost immediately, stimulating conversation and creativity. 

Girl Scout Cookies

Girls Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is a cross of OG Kush with Durban Poison and is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain of marijuana. The high is described as a euphoric effect that turns into a state of full-bodied relaxation. The effects of GSC are exciting, hunger-inducing, and stress-relieving.

Cannabis users with experience should use this strain since it has a THC level of 19%. GSC’s effects may be overwhelming initially for users with a low THC tolerance. GSC is said to help cannabis consumers suffering from chronic pain, nausea, and an energy slump. In addition to its citrus and mint notes, GSC’s aroma has a dessert-like aroma. GSC offers a unique high that combines Sativa and Indica characteristics and is strong and potent.


It has become increasingly important not to overlook the classics as many new and exciting marijuana strains emerge. 

It is challenging to choose which strain to use nowadays since hundreds are available, but if you have never tried some of these strains, they should be on your list of must-try strains.