The Exceptional and Luxury Cannabis Gift Guide

Many people rush to buy the best holiday gifts, so we have created an extensive cannabis gift guide to help you find the perfect present for friends and family who like cannabis! Additionally, if you live in an area with such establishments, I encourage you to BUY LOCAL. 

Hemper: Subscription Cannabis Boxes

Hemper Gift Box

Hemper is one of our favorite picks for any cannabis newbie or veteran smoker, so we had to include them in our gift guide. Stoners love Hemper’s monthly theme boxes, even though they offer a comprehensive online shop with bongs, rigs, and multiple cannabis smoking accessories. Depending on the mood of the person you are gifting, you can purchase a standalone box or a monthly subscription box through Hemper. A brand-new glass piece is included in each box, along with the monthly essentials and a few surprises. Approximately ten items worth at least $125 are hand-curated by Hemper every month. For your holiday gift list, you can’t go wrong with this cannabis gift! 

Day One: CBD Sparkling Water

Day One Sparkling CBD Water

A thirst quenching CBD sparkling water by Day One an ideal gift for water lovers. This CBD Sparkling Water is flavorful with citrus zest and 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. This Sparkling CBD Water is ideal for any occasion, as it contains no calories. Visit their website to see what flavors are available.

Sessions Goods: Modern Bong

Sessions Modern Bong

Its high-quality materials, thoughtful details, and ease of cleaning make the modern bong an excellent choice. Session Goods offers a wide range of products, but we love the modern bong most.

A bong that is sleek enough to sit on your coffee table, Sessions Goods modern bong features both functionality and artistic quality, it will surely be a talking point.

Plus, you can choose between individual or party-sized bowls when you swap out the silicone tabs and bases.

It is evident that this bong is a top choice among many marijuana enthusiasts with its average 5 star rating and 437 reviews.

My bud Vase: Cordially Yours 

My bud Vase: Cordially Yours

You may need a second look to appreciate this beautiful vintage porcelain bong fully. It’s hand-painted with gold and floral designs. You can display it proudly on your shelf or coffee table.

As its name suggests, My Bud Vase takes a different approach to the classic bong. A long line of beautifully crafted vases turned bongs made it difficult for us to decide which to feature. 

If you have a cannabis enthusiast in mind whose home screams beauty, then this is the perfect gift.   

Flora + Bast: Wellness Products

Flora + Bast: Wellness Products

The company delivers medical-grade results through simple, bioactive formulas that improve health, anti-aging, and skin care. Flora + Bast knows their natural products are superior to synthetics due to the design, preservation, and delivered appropriately. 

Cannabinoids enhance several ingredients in Flora + Bast’s skincare products by altering their metabolism according to the individual’s needs and intentions.

These luxurious products contain terpenes such as Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Terpinene, and cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, and CBN.


There are various exceptional and luxurious products, from wellness options to a modern bong or a bong that also doubles as a coffee table vase.

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