The Truth About Cannabis and Sexual Desire

Users have repeatedly claimed that using marijuana has enhanced their sexual experience.

Until lately, due to the illegality of marijuana, there had been very few studies to refute or back up these claims. With medical marijuana now legal in Canada and many states, the number of studies on the use of marijuana has rapidly increased.

Cannabis and Frequency of Sex

Often, men were told by their Doctors that marijuana was harmful. New studies now show that its use may increase not only the frequency of sex but also enhance the sexual experience for many users. In a clinical study researching the effects of marijuana on both men’s and women’s sexual function, the CDC found that marijuana does not impair function and increases the sexual frequency. Daily cannabis users reported a 20% increase in sexual activity over non-cannabis users. Other studies have reported that cannabis use produces a feeling of euphoria, which increases sexual arousal, desire, and intensity.

A separate study that surveyed sexually active adult women of varied ages found a solid correlation between marijuana use and sexual pleasure. More than 60% of those surveyed reported that using cannabis before copulation gave them a more pleasurable sexual experience with enhanced orgasms. The same study was repeated with a much larger number of participants and reported similar findings.
Generally, the results of this study were that women who were frequent users of cannabis or used marijuana before sex reported a more satisfying sexual experience.

Marijuana, Sex and Anxiety

Other studies showed that using small amounts of cannabis before sex might lower anxiety levels and increase libido and lubrication. Depressed libido in women is often the result of anxiety and stress. It is believed that the calming effect of short-term use of cannabis may reduce this stress. However, one theory questions whether long-term use of marijuana might increase anxiety, and studies are ongoing to determine if this is the case.

Understanding exactly why or how marijuana uses results in the reported improvements in sexual function is not entirely understood, and further study needs to be conducted.

Researchers believe that it may be from lowering anxiety levels, lowering inhibitions, enhancing and prolonging the feeling of sexual pleasure, or perhaps it’s due to the heightened sensations that marijuana is known to cause. Cannabis and sexual desire is a topic worth further study.

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