Top Soils and Nutrients for Growing the Best Cannabis.

If you want to get high yields of potent bud, you need to work with key ingredients such as premium soils and nutrients specifically designed for cannabis!

Coco Coir:

Coir, commonly called coconut fiber, is a fibrous material between a coconut’s hard external shell and its soft inner shell.

  • Biodegradable and organic.
  • A uniform composition with no odor.
  • Drainage and aeration are good.
  • It absorbs a large amount of water and holds it for a long time.
  • The growth of roots is enhanced.
  • Quality at an affordable price.

Soil (Loam):

Loam combines clay, sand, and silt to provide the best qualities for growing marijuana plants and various crops.

  • The soil has a more significant amount of Humus (which helps to retain moisture and nutrients). 
  • Water and air are better able to infiltrate and drain from it.
  • Loam soils are a better habitat for beneficial microorganisms

When growing your cannabis, it’s essential that you give your cannabis plants the correct nutrients at the right time. Knowing whether your cannabis plant is in the vegetative stage or the flowering stage is vital as each life stage in your plant’s life requires specific types of nutrients. 

Different companies utilize different ratios and formulas, so always read your labels, especially when using a new product. Below are some factors that you need to consider:

Nutrient Ratio

Every brand uses different ratios, so read the labels carefully before adding any nutrients to your plants. Commercial fertilizer will have the letters N (for nitrogen), P (for phosphorus), and K (for Potassium), and all three are crucial for successful plant growth. Numbers beside each letter on fertilizer containers indicate the amount of each nutrient in the mix. The ratios of these three ingredients that you require will change depending on the stage of growth of your plant, so make sure you buy the correct balance.


plants pull nitrogen, which is very important to the cannabis plant during the vegetative state, from the soil through their roots.


is essential to solid root development, and a high concentration is necessary during the flowering stage.


is critical to the plant’s immune system and helps it fend off pests, infections, and diseases. 


There is a wide variety of chemical or organic ingredients or a mix of both available from several companies. Nutrients differ depending on whether you are growing in soil or hydroponically. If you’re planning on growing 100% organic, you will need to avoid synthetic nutrients and turn to ingredients like manure and compost.

Soil Type

You need to match your nutrients to your soil type and grow type. Loamy soil, a mixture of sand, silt, and clay, is a well-balanced soil for growing cannabis plants. It is mixed with organic materials and nutrients. There are many potting soils with different nutrients recommended for use during the various stages of growth. 

Some of the Best Cannabis Nutrients

To make growing your cannabis a little easier, we’ve listed some of the best cannabis nutrient brands.

Top Soils and Nutrients for Growing the Best Cannabis – Conclusion

When growing the best cannabis, you need the best soils and nutrients to increase your yield. If you’re a cannabis grower or cultivator, and you’re looking to connect and share with other like-minded growers and enthusiasts, then Grow and Share could be just what you’re looking for! Grow, and Share connects the cannabis community, one plant at a time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly.